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Assessment Process

Once your SORA/PDRA Assessment has been submitted to Transport Malta and to SkyThrust, you might wonder what will happen next?

Brief Assessment

General Risk Classifications

At first, SkyThrust will verify the  ground and air risk associated with the conops, either generic or precise.

Pilot Competencies Available

Is the crew sufficiently competent for the mission? A first glance must avoid any lost time for both the operator and reviewer, if more training is required

Available Certificates

Certificates can sometimes be used as evidence. A first validity check can make a time difference.

First Feedback

An initial brief assessment allows to understand the application fast and ask questions swiftly. Some answers might need some additional work and might not depend on you. By reviewing those items at first, SkyThrust hopes you to gain time. 

Zakelijk videogesprek

Thorough Assessment

While you are providing an answer to our first feedback, SkyThrust continues the review of your application against the European and national rules.

Man ondertekening


When all feedback and answers are processed, SkyThrust will issue a recommendation to Transport Malta to issue an operational authorisation. Remember that Transport Malta is the final authority and might have a second opinion.

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