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Announcement of the Qualified Entity SkyThrust Malta

Press Release 21/06/2022 Transport Malta Civil Aviation Departement - SkyThrust Malta

Transport Malta announces the accreditation of the Qualified Entity SkyThrust Malta. SkyThrust Malta is accredited by Transport Malta to provide an initial assessment of the application for an operational authorisation for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or drones) in the specific category.

UAS operations can take place in three different categories: open, specific and certified, based upon different risk levels. In the specific category, an UAS operator, has several choices of establishing flight operations and one of them is using an operational authorisation. An application in the form of a specific operational risk assessment (SORA) or a pre-defined risk assessment (PDRA) is an acceptable means to obtain such an operational authorisation.

The Qualified Entity SkyThrust Malta is tasked with the initial assessment of the application for an operational authorisation or light UAS operator certificate (LUC) and is required to liaise with Transport Malta regularly to maintain oversight on the process.

The assessment of such an application is an extensive process for which an initial support of a qualified entity is beneficial for Malta. It will stimulate the innovative UAS-ecosystem and facilitate fast processing of operational authorisations. It allows Transport Malta to continue to invest in policy and the integration of UAS in the aviation system, to push development of the UAS-industry in Malta and deliver benefits to the Maltese society at large.

Transport Malta Civil Aviation Department is the competent authority for the issuing, amending, suspending, limiting or revoking operational authorisations and Light UAS Operator Certificates (LUC) and verifying completeness of declarations, which are required to carry out UAS operations in the ‘specific’ category of UAS operations.

SkyThrust Malta will operate under the wings of EuroUSC-Benelux, a company based in The Netherlands and already accredited as Qualified Entity by the Civil Aviation Authority in The Netherlands for the assessment of UAS and remote pilots. SkyThrust Malta has proven its compliance to the European regulation with regards to Qualified Entities, more specifically in possessing extensive knowledge in UAS-regulation and technical competency, conflict of interest avoidance procedures, transparency etc.

SkyThrust Malta

Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate

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